Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Market Bag Make Along

Today I'm so happy to share with you a little project that's got me super excited. Together with my friend Simone (@inkandsoil) I am going to be hosting my very first ever knit-along (well, make-along really since it includes crafts other than knitting). 
We got to talking about how we both wanted to make a bag thought it might be fun to open it up to all you amazing fiber artists who might be interested in doing somethings similar along with us! 

Here are the details:

Start date: July 1st
End date: August 15th

Who: This MAL is open to knitters, crocheters, sewers, weavers and fiber artists who would like to make themselves some sort of market bag. Whether you're in the Northern Hemisphere and (like us) are looking for a lighter weight project for these warmer months, or you're in the Southern Hemisphere and would like to make yourself a bag to USE during the coming warmer months, you are welcome. You can make something in a craft you're already confident in or use this as an opportunity to grow your skills and try something new! I've got a ton of different ideas swirling around in my brain on what kind of bag to make (granny squares! macrame! naturally dyed totes!) and can't wait to get started.

How: This Make-along is going to be taking place almost entirely over on Instagram. We've created the hashtag #marketbagmakealong for you to share your in progress photos, so please do so. Feel free to tag us (@ruthwerwai & @inkandsoil) if you'd like so we're sure to see everyone's projects. Photos of finished objects will need to be posted under the thread #marketbagmakealong by the deadline in order to be eligible for prizes!

Prizes: There will of course be some very lovely and amazing prizes which we'll be sharing about over the weeks to come!

And last but not least, here's a round up of some pattern suggestions if you're looking for inspiration:

Artichoke // Dejeuner // Pomelo // Eyelet Market Tote // Purl Bee Knit Tote

Honeycomb Bag // Sturdy Market Tote // Rich Textures Tote // Crochet Mesh Bag // Linen Market Bag


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