Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Spring is Sock Time!

Every year as spring comes around, I get a serious itching to knit socks. I think this partly has to do with the fact that I first learned to knit socks in the spring (3 years ago now!) but it's also the perfect season to start working on those smaller projects. Plus socks are great for knitting with colorful yarn- something that's also fun to do as the weather warms up. 

Today I basically just want to share some of the sock patterns I'm hoping to get to- mostly so I can organize them for myself. For most of these I've already got yarn ideas, which I've added as well. About a month ago I started watching knitting video podcasts on Youtube again (something I haven't done in ages) and I must say that I've been getting a whole slew of both sock yarn and pattern recommendations that have me itching to cast on! 

Mistletoe socks & Mash Potato socks (the Wool Club)
Sweet Fiber sock & Herbstblatt Regina
Have you guys seen Verena's socks? They are all seriously gorgeous. When I heard that she would be having a Knit-along this month, I knew right away that it was exactly the opportunity I had been waiting for to give toe up socks another try. I've cast on the Mistletoe socks already (in Sweet Fiber yarn I got in Canada back in March) and I've been really enjoying learning the magic loop method. I'm also hoping to knit a pair of Mash Potato socks during the KAL and even ordered some lovely speckled, tweedy yarn from Herbstblatt Regina that I think will work just perfectly with the pattern. Can't wait! 

Morning Light socks (Cabin Four)
Ancient Arts or Quince Chickadee
Okay these next socks have been on my list for ages- ever since I knit up the Irish Oats socks several years ago (also by Cabin Four). I adore this pattern and really the only thing stopping me from casting on is the question of which yarn to use. I do have a skein of Ancient Arts in the sagebrush colorway which would knit up nicely but it's so super tempting to just order the Chickadee, which is what the pattern calls for. 

Pixel Rise socks 
Madeline Tosh // Tosh Light
Okay so this is a bit of a stretch for me- I don't normally go for such colorful mix-matched projects. But after I saw Tammy (from the Hey Sister Podcast) knitting these in such a lovely soft color palate, I got a serious urge to give them a try. I've got some Madeline Tosh that I'm planning to use for a shawl (my summer project) and I know I'll have leftovers- which may just be the perfect thing for this pattern! 

Fine & Dandy socks (The Sweater Collective)
Shilasdair Sock
These socks look so much fun to knit! Jess from the Sweater Collective has really great style and I just adore all her patterns. I'm thinking it would be fun to try this pattern with the sock yarn I bought on the Isle of Skye last fall- it's a lovely mustard yellow (died with Marigold & Onion Skins) and I'm thinking I could do a reverse version of the ones in the Ravelry photo, with white/cream as my contrast color. 

Rye socks (Tin Can Knits)

(Marled Mountain yarn- pictured above)
Okay so I made Caleb a pair of Rye socks last Fall, shortly before we went to Scotland and he has gotten so much wear out of them. I used a lovely marled yarn and I just love how it worked up with the pattern. So I am totally thinking that I'd like to make a pair for myself to match! I'm going to have to get up the courage to finally wind up this yarn though, as it's my most precious skein- it's been in my stash the longest of anything I have! 

I'm sure there will be more added soon to this never ending list and of course, I'm sure I'll sneak in a pair or two of Vanilla socks somewhere in there (I've already started one in Patons Kroy just for some simple evening knitting!). But those are the major patterns currently on my radar. If you're a sock knitter I'd love to hear what you're hoping to make! 

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