Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Caleb's Blanket

Today I’ve got something very special to share with all of you. During the final few months of my pregnancy, I decided to improvise a simple cotton blanket for C, using textured knit stitches and a few basic crochet techniques (for the border). I got a lot of comments on in and even a few questions as to how I made it.

So I've decided to publish the pattern (as a free Ravelry download) in case any of you are interested in knitting it up.

If it's at all possible for a knitting project to accompany one on the journey into motherhood, then this would be the project. It was with me as a WIP in the final few months of pregnancy, it came to the birthing center with us (to use for bringing C home) and it was a constant through those early postpartum days where everything was slightly foggy and I really was just doing my best to grow into a new role that didn't fit quite right yet.

When I look at this blanket I remember all this. We don't use it much anymore, but every once in awhile I pull it out and think about how far we've come in a year. We've watched our baby grow but we've also seen ourselves grow right along with him.

And yes, this is just a blanket- just stitch upon stitch, row after row. But as is so often the case with knitting, I'm finding that these stitches add up to so much more.

You can find the link to the pattern here, if you're inclined to do so. 


  1. Oh goodness Ruth, I'm writing this with tears streaming down my face!

    Reading the story of your C's blanket has brought back so many memories and thoughts for me, of my own journey into motherhood and the two little blankets (both crochet) that accompanied me on that journey. Most espeacially because it was this time of year two years ago that I was in those final couple of months of my pregnancy and somehow working steadily on those two blankets, stitch after stitch helped me preparing my head & heart ready to welcome our little one.

    Thank you for sharing...both your pattern and most espeacially this little story today xx

  2. It is so wonderful you knitted a blanket that was used when your son was born and had at that special time in your life. It sounds like the blanket holds a lot of special memories. It is a nice idea to knit up a blanket for your baby, I will definitely look at the blanket pattern!

  3. Lovely story - what dear memories you have associated with this... I love giving baby blankets as gifts! Excited to add this to my list of blankets to make. However, when I click on the link - it takes me to the ravelry page of your pattern, but I don't see any pattern download available. Am I missing something here?? Thanks for sharing - love reading your blog!!

    1. I just realized this morning that I completely forgot to add the downloadable file to the pattern page! Have fixed this now, sorry for the confusion!