Thursday, March 30, 2017

Springtime Reading List

This year I decided to mix thing up a little and get more intentional about the books that I'm reading. In my pre-baby days I used to average about a book a week, depending on what was going on and what season we were in. Last year I read less than half of that, and honestly, I'm completely okay with it. However I was looking for a way of picking better books- going for quality over quantity I suppose. My hope is, like many a reader I'm sure, to read not only widely & deeply but also interestingly- to choose a variety of things that will help me learn and grow and broaden my horizons. 

So. All that being said, I decided this year to read one fiction and one non-fiction book a month. These past few months, I've found that my picks have been complimenting each other nicely and I'm really enjoying what I've been reading. Here's a little list of what I'm hoping to get to over the next few months: 

Anne of Green Gables // Lucy Maude Montgomery 
I'm a little embarassed to admit that I've never actually read this one. I've seen the movies and even read an abridged young readers edition when I was learning to read BUT I've never actually read the actual novel. When I saw it on my mom's bookshelf while in Canada last month I decided it was time to pick it up. I'm so enjoying it- such a good Canadian classic.

As Always Julia // Julia Child & Avis DeVoto
This book is the collected letters of Julia Child and Avis DeVoto. I'm enjoying this and would recommend it to anyone who likes Julia Child or who enjoyed My Life in France. It's pretty long though- and I find myself skipping over a few of the sections when they're referring to mutual acquaintances of their's. 

Lab Girl // Hope Jahren
A little out of my wheelhouse but I'm excited to give this a try.

Flight Behavior // Barbara Kingsolver
The newest novel from Kingsolver (though already several years old) that I found in a second hand bookstore on Commercial Drive in Vancouver last month. I've not read anything by her in ages and I'm excited to start this one.

The Magic of Motherhood // Ashlee Gadd (Coffee & Crumbs)
So SO excited for this. Seriously.

Wonder // AJ Palacio
Heard about this on a podcast recently. It's a middle grade novel (of which I read few to none) so I thought I'd give it a try.

Everyone Brave is Forgiven // Chris Cleave
Been hearing lots about this one. I've read a few of Cleave's earlier books and found them well written, entertaining and sensitive in dealing with not all too easy subject matter. So I'm exited to give this a go.

Four Seasons in Rome // Anthony Doer 
Have been wanting to read this one ever since I finished All the Light last spring. It's a memoir of the year Doer spent living in Rome, working on that book, with his wife and newborn twins. Fascinating! 

To see all the books I've been reading this year, you can check out the hashtag I've created on my Instagram: #whatruthisreading2017 

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  1. Hi Ruth! I just read Flight Behaviour in the fall, after receiving multiple recommendations for Barbara Kingsolver. I really enjoyed it, it has a lot to say. The other book on your list that I've read fairly recently is Everyone Brave is Forgiven, and I'll be looking forward to hearing what your think. I loved Little Bee and Incendiary, and this one felt really different. So I'm staying tuned for when you finish! I like your idea of balancing fiction & non-fiction, too. As a fiction junkie, it's nice to mix it up every once in a while. Happy reading!