Sunday, February 26, 2017

a little book called WOODS

(photo courtesy of WOODS)

Today I want to share with you all something very special that I've had the privilege to be involved with. 

You may have seen something about WOODS already floating around on Instagram, your favorite knitting podcast, or elsewhere on the internet. WOODS is an incredibly exciting new knitting book put together by the Making Stories team- Hannah Lisa and Verena. These ladies have a passion for European wool and are putting together the book to showcase just that- natural, breed specific wool, local to us here in Europe. 

It's been interesting to watch the trend over the last few years as more and more knitters start thinking about where their yarn is coming from and how they can be a little more intentional in their purchasing. There are a ton of really wonderful yarn companies based in North America (like Quince & Co and Brooklyn Tweed) that are doing such amazing work. But I think it's important for those of us living here in Europe to be aware of some of the wonderful yarn companies doing just as valuable work over here. 

And that is one of the things WOODS is going to highlight. 

The book includes 11 designs, all using natural, breed specific yarn from around Europe as well as long form tutorials, articles and interviews with creative giants in this fiber art community. Just reading through the crowdfunding page and seeing everything it's going to include has me itching to get my hands on it and look through the pages. If you ask me, this is going to be one of those books that sticks around- it's so much more than a collection of patterns.

I am so so excited and incredibly honored, that I get to be a small part of this project.

My design- the Puzzlewood Mitts (shown in progress above) was selected as one of the patterns for the book. My mittens have been paired with the incredible Black Isle Yarns Gotland and Zwarbles/Mohair blends in two shades of grey. I love love LOVE this yarn. 

And now- for the most exciting part of all. You too can be a part of this project. Hanna Lisa and Verena are currently running a crowdfunding campaign (which you can view here). They've got a ton of reward options that you can choose from, including of course copies of the book, but also goodies such as bonus patterns, tote bags and swag, knitting webinars and even a wooly day with the two of them in Berlin! Make sure you check it out! 

To stay up to date on all things WOODS (and to find out about who else is involved in this project) make sure you follow the Making Stories Instagram account as well! 

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  1. Looks great, signed up for the book. I'm looking forward to the patterns and also more info about European yarns. You're right that there's a lack of knowledge about them. I know more about US yarn than i do about what is local to me. I do try and buy a souvenir of local yarn when on holiday but would really like to know more. i think this book is really timely, as we get more conscious of these things. Thanks for introducing.