Monday, September 12, 2016

casting on

So I don't know what's going on lately. Maybe it's the fact that Fall is coming, or that I've got some new yarn sitting pretty in my stash. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I've got less time to knit now- my projects and stitches squeezed into fleeting free moments throughout the day, picked up here and there where I can. Or maybe it's that I'm slowly finding my balance and establishing a (somewhat) normal weekly routine again, coming out of the fog that was pregnancy and those early weeks of motherhood for me...

But whatever the reason, I am happy to report that I am feeling more creative than I have in MONTHS. I don't even remember the last time that I was feeling this motivated to knit... probably last summer when I was home in Vancouver, surrounded by all the yarn I could possibly dream of and spending hours knitting on the patio with my mom in the mornings. I've got a project list a mile long, more items cast on than I think I've ever had at once, and even a few ideas for a new pattern or two. 

And it's not just knitting. All of a sudden, I've got lots to say here on the blog. To be honest, I had expected things to be the other way around- I thought after Caleb arrived, I would want to spend less time and energy writing and sharing here. But I'm finding the reverse is true and there is just so much I want to make, share and talk about here. 

I took a break from posting last week to try and get some focus- think through where I want to take things this Fall. I've made no secret about the fact that Fall is my favorite season, and I always feel a rush of creativity as it creeps nearer. But right now it feels like a major surge... I'm thankful that the ideas are coming and the motivation is here, and I want to really make time to pursue the things that are most important to me. Now that I have more demands on my time, I thought it might be helpful to really identify the creative endeavors I most want to put my energy into this Fall. Though I'm mostly going to try and follow this inspiration without trying to control things too much, I'm glad I took this week to reflect on what's important to me in this season of my life.

So what does this mean for the blog? I'm not exactly sure, but what I do know is that I want to knit ALL the things. And I want to write. So I'm sure I'll be showing up here in this space pretty regularly over the next few months, casting on everything I possibly can while the inspiration lasts, and sharing about it in case any one is interested. 

As always, thanks for sticking with me this past year. One thing that I love about keeping a blog is that you get to look back on your life and see how things change and how far you've come. This past year has looked very different for me and my family, and consequently this space. I hadn't realized how different until I recently clicked back through the in my studio archives here. If you're still here following along, I hope to have many more crafty posts to share with you over the next little while (hopefully starting with some FO posts of a few of the projects currently on my needles haha!) 


  1. all the projects look like they will be just wonderful, once finished :0) I try not to cast on too many of them...they will become an overwhelming tasks when I look about me and see them not finished :-/ ... many blessing to you :D

  2. Beautiful photos today. Xoxo Andrea @ This Knitted Life

  3. I found my creativity after birth, i had just been busy with other things before then and it was lovely and funny to come back to that side of myself.
    I'd recommend a book call The Rainbow Way by Lucy H Pearce. Its brilliant for thinking about creativity and motherhood and also really practical too, about how to actually fit crafting in around busy lives. I wish it had been written when my kids were little!
    Look forward to seeing what projects you bring to these pages.

  4. I just recently found this space and love your photography style and the 'feel' of the blog. Looking forward to reading more this fall! Also -- no matter how busy I am in the day to day, fall always brings forth this craving for exploring my creativity...this year is no different!