Tuesday, August 9, 2016

recipe: Farmer's Market Watermelon Salad

oh summer. 

anticipated by all and loved by many. I have such a tumultuous relationship with this season. Let's just say that this Canadian was not made for the heat & humidity that is summer in central Germany... But one thing that never changes is my love of summer food. 

As a child summer tasted of purple popsicles split in half and shared with siblings. Of blackberries growing wild and staining fingers, picked from the bushes behind my grandmother's house. Of sandwiches and chips eaten hastily in the park before running off to play.

These days summer tastes of tomato & mozzarella. of homemade pesto. of grilled veggies. of iced coffee and apple blackberry crumble. When I'm home in Vancouver it tastes of fish and chips, of ice cream cones enjoyed on the beach and cedar plank salmon on the BBQ (thanks dad for that one...)

the past three summers have also tasted like some version of this salad. I've added and omitted ingredients as I've experimented but this is my favorite version so far. I love to make it when the heat of summer is getting to me and I start spending my days strategizing how I can stay out of the sun...

so in case you need something to help you beat the heat and enjoy those muggy days, I thought I would share the recipe here.

you will need:

half a watermelon, cubed
one cucumber, peeled & chopped in half-moons
300g crumbled feta
generous handful of fresh mint & basil
juice of half a lime

throw everything in a bowl and mix well. this salad is best enjoyed soon after making, but it's so delicious, I doubt you'll have leftovers anyways. it works well as a side when grilling or as an afternoon snack all on it's own.

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