Monday, August 29, 2016

creative chat: Elizabeth Barr

after a little unscheduled break (helloooo having a baby...haha) I'm very pleased to be back today with my creative chat series, interviewing wedding/proposal planner & calligrapher Elizabeth Barr. Beth lives in Vancouver, BC where she can be found visiting cute cafes, playing with flowers and exploring all the best parts of the city (all of which she shares about over on Instagram). In case you couldn't tell from the photos, she's also my sister :) 

anyhow, I'm super excited to share this with you today, so grab yourself some iced coffee (if it's as hot where you are as it is here...) and join us! 

1. If we were having this conversation in person, in a cafe what would you be drinking? are you a coffee or tea person (or both..)?

oh. Well that is a hard question. I always want to be a tea person. I love how many different unique options there are - and I absolutely love a good herbal or green tea. But when it comes down to it there is nothing that beats a excellent cup of strong coffee. If there is one thing I can count on to always be stocked in my house - it's coffee. So if we were sitting in a cafe, like we've spent many afternoons together, I would definitely be having coffee!

photo: Summer Rayne

2. Tell us a little bit about what you do. What led you to choose this path?

I have always been a very creative yet very logistical person. I love what I do, and I have been very fortunate to be able to be employed - doing what I love. I work for a company in Vancouver, BC called Sweetheart Events. We specialize in planning "true to you" weddings and proposals on the beautiful west coast of Canada. I am also the resident calligrapher for the company - which means that for the summer months, my life is filled with not only weddings but signage, placecards and a lot of seating charts. 

I don't know when I felt drawn to wedding planning. I don't remember an exact moment where I knew it was the career for me. It's more of a every day realization, every wedding I attend or every couple I work with, I realize how much I love love. I love helping couples plan and execute their dream day, and I love witnessing them on that day. There truly is no other event in someone's life that has the emotion of a wedding day.

3. Where do you go (or what do you do) for inspiration? 

Like everyone I know, I get a lot of inspiration from the work of others, from Instagram and Pinterest. I am also very fortunate to live in a beautiful corner of the world, and often find myself near the ocean or mountains. Although, I love searching in vintage shops and thrift shops - I find a lot of inspiration there for different style shoots or wedding decor. 

4. In your mind what is one of the biggest challenges of being a creative?

I think one of the biggest challenges these days for a creative is also one of the biggest advantages - the fact that everything is so easy shared! It's great for getting your work out there, and for gaining an audience but it is also hard to keep it authentic (if that makes sense?) With everyone being able to share and recreate anything - it makes it hard to create something truly original. 

5. What is one of your favorite things about planning weddings & proposals?

One of my absolute favourite things about weddings and proposals is watching everything come together the day of. I love seeing the ranges of emotions that each family member and guest goes through. There are not many careers where you get to help people celebrate the most important day of their lives! And, of course that moment when the bride is heading down the aisle - nothing quite like it! Haha, I cry almost every time. 

6. what are you currently up to? anything new and exciting coming up?

ohhhhhh spoiler alert! I am always up to something exciting. Sweetheart Events is still in the thick of wedding season, and are already booking for next year (and quickly!). I have also accepted a job with a floral company in Vancouver called Celsia as their wedding and event coordinator! It has always been a DREAM of mine to be a florist and that dream is coming true! I am very excited. 

Follow along with me on Instagram (because I am so not a Twitter girl) @elizabethbarr, to keep up with all the weddings, pretty handwriting, florals and perfectly styled locations and food. 

photo: Nomo Simply Sweet Photography

thanks so much Beth for taking the time to chat with us today, and for sharing a little about what you do! As Beth mentioned, if you're interested in seeing more of what she's up to and what's inspiring her make sure to connect with her on Instagram, as well as Pinterest

also if you're interested in learning more about Sweetheart Events you can check them out here

Note: all photos by Elizabeth Barr (unless otherwise stated)

This interview is part of my Creative Chat series, where I sit down for a virtual coffee or tea date with makers and creatives to talk about their creative processes, journeys and the inspiration behind their work. You can read other posts in the series here.

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