Monday, July 25, 2016

surviving the fourth trimester- favorites for mama & baby

we've been in newborn land for awhile now and it's such a crazy and amazing place to be. I'm feeling all the feels and am often an emotional mess. So many sweet moments mixed up with some really difficult ones. Of course, there are a few things making these weeks a little easier for us and that's what I want to share today! Here are some of my favorite products for both mama and baby during this crazy postpartum period. 

for baby:

aden & anis swaddle blankets: these have been seriously excellent. They're soft and light weight, perfect for summer as well as being large enough to properly wrap around baby. The cute, yet tasteful designs are just a bonus. we've got a few white ones, as well as some with safari animals and stars.

musical mobile: we were given several musical mobiles as gifts for Caleb. The one in the photo above was handmade by one of his aunties, and I started playing it to him every night before bed during my pregnancy. we're using it to help establish a bedtime routine- who knows if it'll work, but it's worth a try.

natur sutten schnuller: I hadn't exactly planned to give my baby a pacifier (or schnuller, as it's called in German). but then I met him and realized how strong his sucking reflexes are and really, it was inevitable. We like this one, as it's made from all natural rubber and C seems to like it too.

Solly Baby wrap: oh my goodness, I have no idea what I would do without this. It's perfect for being out and about with baby, but also for around the house, when I want to get anything done. We've got a pretty clingy baby, so he's generally happy in the wrap while I putter around. We've got a Manduca baby carrier as well, but I'm really loving the light-weight fabric of this wrap because baby wearing in a Marburg summer is no joke!

warming pillow: okay, so I don't know if this is a German thing or what, but I'd never heard of it before moving here. These are small pillows filled with cherry pits or something similar, that you can warm up in the microwave or oven. They're very helpful for babies with upset tummies, and it's been a lifesaver for us a few times. Sometimes I put Caleb in the wrap and stick the pillow between us, which helps a lot.

Weleda baby oil & cream: we love Weleda products around here, for both mama and baby (and papa too...). The diaper cream is a particular favorite.   

for mama:

mason bar tumbler: I use this to make sure I'm getting enough water. I like it because the straw and lid make it easy to drink on the go and I can easily keep track of how much I'm drinking daily.

nipple cream & compresses: These were a lifesaver during the first few weeks of breastfeeding. Seriously. I had several different creams (yup, I tried everything I could get my hands on to help ease the pain!) but nothing beats Lahnsinoh.

lavender lotion & shower gel: I bought myself lavender shower gel from Weleda before Caleb was born as a present for my postpartum self. It was so nice to have something new and I just adore the scent of lavender so it was an easy choice! 

nursing tea: I don't know if this actually helps with milk production, but I do really enjoy drinking the nursing tea from Alnatura. It's delicious, and a fun little routine to brew a cup for myself in the evenings. 

reading material: okay wow. I was so surprised by how much time I had to read during Caleb's first few weeks. He took a long time to feed and so I managed to make my way through quite a lot of reading material- book report coming soon! 

snacks: totally necessary for middle of the night feedings! I love Roo granola bars, as well as homemade Welsh Cakes and all the summer fruit. 

letters to ourselves: this was one my favorite things that we did. The midwife who ran our birthing class had us all write letters to our partners, to open after our babies were born. It was such a cool thing and so encouraging to read Waldi's words for me. I'll be keeping this as a memory for sure. 

so there you have it. a little list of a few of our favorite things. (coffee not pictured, haha!)

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