Saturday, February 6, 2016

recipe: shrimp & mango flatbread pizza

It's been ages since I shared a meal recipe. This is in large part due to the fact that for several months, I could barely even walk into the kitchen and smell it's kitchen-y smells (aka: food) without the wave of nausea hitting me big time. Now that things have evened out a little in this pregnancy, and I'm feeling more like myself, I'm happy to say that I actually enjoy eating again. 

And with that comes more experimenting in the kitchen.

I first came up with this meal idea when Waldi was in Ethiopia last year and I was eating girly meals for three weeks. It's absolutely delicious, but I will say, not all that filling. It would work as lunch, an appetizer for a large group, or as a side served with a large salad or potato wedges. 

you will need:
two handfuls of pre-cooked shrimp
a jar of mango chutney
one onion, cut into thin strips & caramelized
one red bell pepper, cut into thin strips
handful of pine nuts
a generous portion of grated parmesan
pizza dough
freshly grated black pepper

I've made this with both pre-bought and homemade pizza dough. I must admit the pre-bought stuff is pretty wonderfully easy, especially if you're making this as an appetizer alongside a home cooked meal. But if you're up for making your own pizza dough, I quite like this recipe.

Okay, once you've got your dough sorted and your shrimps cooked, all you have to do is assemble:

Spread a good helping of mango chutney onto your rolled out dough. Next sprinkle on the shrimp, onions, red pepper & pine nuts and then add the parmesan on top. Pop it in a preheated 200C oven for around 15 mins, making sure your dough doesn't brown too much. 

Now cut into thin strips, add some freshly grated black pepper and enjoy!

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