Tuesday, February 16, 2016

for the love of a good pair of socks

it's no secret that I love to knit socks. I have no idea where this love comes from, it wasn't something I ever expected to enjoy, but I just can't help it. Socks are seriously most likely my all-time very favorite project to have on my needles.

there's just something about a good pattern, and scrumptious sock yarn that is so soothing. Knitting at it's finest, in my humble opinion.

I know that sock knitting isn't for everyone (though I've tried my hand at converting more than a few knitters to the dark side..ha!). But incase you're like me and can't resist casting on ALL the socks, I thought I would share with you a few of my very favorite sock projects that have made it so far into my sock drawer, as well as a few that I'm just dying to try my hand at. 

Blueberry Waffle Socks: pattern // my project

Okay, so these are the socks pictured above. It's a free pattern on Ravelry which I used the stitch pattern from and then simply plugged in my own numbers for how I like my socks. The yarn I used was hand dyed by an indie dyer here in Germany and purchased at a Flea Market last summer.

Hermione's Everyday Socks: pattern // my project

I made these about a year ago, and they were the first pair of socks that I made and really loved. Again, this is a free pattern on Ravelry and let's get real here- it feels like everyone has knit these socks! I knit mine in a deep burgundy-colored Regia, as the color seemed Griffindor-ish to me ;)

Irish Oats: pattern // my project

This is the first Cabin Four sock design I've made, but really I could knit them all. Denise is a master at designing cozy and appealing socks. I feel like a lot of her patterns would even appeal to decided non-sock knitters, so if that's you, you should check them out!

Mulberry Stripes: yarn // my project

My parents sent me some Patons Kroy sock yarn from Canada as a gift last spring and I absolutely adore it. The first pair of socks I made were my Mulberry Stripes socks, and while they're still my favorite, I've loved every pair I've made with this yarn (see here and here). Honestly, the yarn knits up into a really cozy, slightly thicker pair of socks making them perfect for wearing at home. And the colors are, in my opinion, fantastic. (I don't use a pattern for these, just the numbers I have for both Waldi and my foot sizes)

Rye: pattern

Again, this is a very popular free pattern on Ravelry. I made a little pair for Baby Werwai around Christmas time but I've not yet gotten around to photographing them and putting them up on Ravelry. I'm seriously debating making a pair for myself so we can match, haha. Mostly because I think the pattern is just so lovely.

Fika: pattern // my project

So this is my current WIP and I'm loving it. The pattern is from Pompom Quarterly Issue 12, which is last Spring's edition and quite honestly, everything about this project has me in the mood for spring. I'm using YOTH yarns Little Brother in the Honeydew Melon colorway (pictured above) and I'm so happy to have found a pattern that is deserving of this incredibly special yarn. There's cashmere in it you guys- I'm making myself a pair of cashmere socks, haha. If that's not luxury, then I don't know what is!

Arne & Carlos Self Striping Socks: yarn

I picked a skein of this yarn up in Vancouver, in the Summer Night colorway and I've been dying to cast on ever since. I first saw it on Dianna Walla's Instagram and just thought it was the most beautiful sock yarn ever. I'm planning on doing my own basic vanilla sock pattern, though I'm playing with the idea of doing an interesting cast on for the cuff (like in Dianna's photo). It's next on the list after I've cast off my Fika socks for sure. 

Firenze: pattern

I bought this pattern ages ago (like months and months) and attempted it in the YOTH yarn early last Fall. I didn't get too far with it, as the yarn just wasn't right, and the stitch pattern, while gorgeous, was just a little too complicated for my newly-pregnant self. So I frogged it. But I still love this pattern (insert all the heart-eyed emojis here) and really REALLY want to have these socks, so I'm hoping to get to it at some point in the not too distant future. 

Morning Light: pattern

This is another one of Denise's lovely designs that has been in my queue since casting off Irish Oats last spring. I love how the cables mirror each other and I'd love even more to try it in Quince and Co chickadee, which is the yarn the pattern calls for. I knit a cardigan for Baby Werwai out of this yarn about a month ago, and it was so soft and delicious, I can only imagine what wonderful socks it would make. 

Climb: pattern

So, I have a confession. Every single pair of socks on this list is knit cuff down, with a heel flap & gusset. In fact, I've only ever knit socks in this way. So I figured this list needed to include at least one pair that will challenge me to learn a few new techniques. I'm very curious about short row heels and it only seems natural, as a dedicated sock knitter to try a pair of toe-up socks eventually. I'd love to do this in solid colors, similar to those in the photo. But it will probably be awhile before I get here, so I guess I've got ample time to come up with a plan :)

okay, that's enough rambling about socks- for now. for those of you who still can't get enough, here's a link to my Pinterest board all about knitted socks!

and if you're a sock knitter I would love love LOVE to hear your favorite patterns & yarns! 


  1. Love socks! These are all great looking patterns. I can't believe that I have still not done hermiones everday OR blueberry. That is like a sock knitter sin. One pattern I really liked is the Agatha Sock by NH Knits. It's the most complicated sock I've done (really not that complicated though, just had a pattern) and I am really really happy with the end result. Also I knit it out of Madelinetosh which I have decided is my most favorite sock yarn I've knit with thus far. I really like to try out different yarns and different patterns - there are too many exciting socks out there to just make vanilla!

    1. oh thanks for the pattern recommendation! I will be sure to check it out. I have a skein of Madelinetosh in my stash just waiting for a good sock project and I can't wait to give it a try :)

      you're so right- there are too many lovely patterns to not experiment and try new things!

  2. Yes! I've knit more socks than anything else. I find for me that they're all just great for mindless knitting when I'm watching TV or listening to audiobooks. I used to knit all mine the same way as you, cuff down, heel flap, gusset, then I tried doing toe-up, magic loop, two-at-a-time socks. Completely changed things for me!
    Also, on Ravelry there's Melisandre. Lovely pattern, and that was my first chart experience.

    1. I think that's one of the reasons I like them too- I'm so familiar with the process now that it's great for knitting while doing other things.
      okay I think I really need to try magic loop. I've been thinking about it for ages and so many people have told me how much they love it but I'm a bit intimidated! Will be out of my comfort zone for sure, but most likely worth it :)

    2. It's definitely a bit intimidating... Here's the tutorial I used; it was invaluable! Sometimes it's a bit harder to see progress, as you're not just whipping through one sock after another, but the perks are that you never have to worry about completing a pair... and they end up the same size ;)

  3. Thanks for this blog post. I'm not yet into sock knitting but really need some cozy ones for my rainboots. So I think I'll try those Irish Oats

  4. What a helpful post! I haven't made many socks, but this list has me excited to try more. I learned the toe-up method from Jane Richmond's Climb pattern and the afterthought heel from dreareneeknit's California Comfortabke slippers. Both had great tutorials.

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