Friday, November 27, 2015

October & November's Project: progress report

okay, let's be real here. This post is way overdue. I've been working on this cardigan since the beginning of October. Two months. Two months?!? I honestly don't have any clue where that time went to, and I am not even anywhere near finishing. 

While I'm enjoying the pattern, I got really bogged down while working the body. I've just started the yoke and things are moving a little more quickly, but there's no way I'll have this done by the end of the month. Though I love the color, and know that it will fit wonderfully in my wardrobe, I'm having a hard time getting excited enough about it to pick it up when I have a moment to knit. 

I have been, of course, working on a few other things here and there. Socks for Waldi. Some early holiday knitting. Even a little bit of crochet. I've got plenty of ideas for December's project and may just go ahead and cast on a new project, before I've finished up this one. 

In some ways, I started this year of patterns project out strong- finishing 6 projects in the first 6 months of the year. But on the other hand, they were mostly smaller projects and weren't all good choices for my handmade wardrobe. I've since unravelled one and gifted another of them. So, I'm not going to end up with 12 handmade items I adore at the end of this project. But I'm starting to thing that's ok. I will end up with 2 sweaters I adore, and (hopefully) a finished cardigan that just may be the most lovely thing I've ever knit. In addition to that, I've got a few smaller items that were really fun to make, and that taught me a new technique or two. And I've learned a whole lot about what patterns work for me, and how to be a little more conscious of this fact when choosing projects.

All in all, whatever December brings, I'd say it's been a successful project and I'm glad I embarked on it.  

In case you missed it, and have no idea what I'm talking about, you can read the posts about my year of patterns project here


  1. You are such an inspiration girl you don’t even know! I decided recently (and with the encouragement of a friend) to start a blog documenting my knitting and also my struggles and joys of crafting. I still have so much to learn and in 2016 I plan on making my first ever socks and sweater. I have listen and fallen in love with knit fm and woolful (thank you for recommending them).
    I think this cardigan will look lovely on you and i actually have been looking on your IG to see if it was finished yet but i’ll wait patiently.
    Once I prove to myself I can knit socks and a sweater I plan on doing a wear handmade project like yours. I am becoming very mindful of fibers and ethical trade and working conditions and slow fashion and noticing that a great deal of things are expensive and do not always last very long. I want to make and mend items that I can pass on to my future daughters and granddaughters. Not simply grow tired of or find holes (like not cool holes just holes) in awkward places on my clothes. I mended a few jeans in college in horrible ways but I simply could part with them.

    Anyway...all that ramble was to say good work on this project, blog, ig and etc... I find your craft very inspiring.

  2. Oh, the cardigan looks amazing! I understand on the process, though, and I actually think it might have something to do with the colour you're knitting it in. I love blacks and dark greys, dark purples and browns, and usually buy items in those colours, but I knitted a cowl once in a charcoal/blackish colour, and it took me forever and was such a labour for me, even though the pattern was a simple moss stitch and that only. I think the times you can knit comfortably with a darker colour like the one you're using here, are limited, especially this time of year with limited daylight available. This is just a thought, but it might help to think you're not alone, at least! I'm sure it'll be so beautiful when you finish it, and you will, just not on your planned 'deadline', which is only in your head anyway :)

    PS: I got your letter with the beautiful hand-written art from your sister. I love it so, and have got it framed by my grandad who makes handmade wooden frames. it looks absolutely beautiful on my wall!

    Have a lovely weekend, and happy knitting!

    xx, Elise