Thursday, October 29, 2015

perfectly simple anytime veggie wraps

ok, so I've got to admit, I've been eating veggie wraps non-stop lately. They are the perfect easy lunch/afternoon snack/dinner for getting lots of nutrients, without a lot of hassle. And they're just plain delicious. Sometimes I eat just one of these as an afternoon snack, and sometimes I make two and eat them with a nice serving of homemade coleslaw or carrot sticks for lunch. 

Perfectly yummy. 

Today I thought I would share this recipe with you. It's very simple, and (as all my recipes go) a little loose on the amounts needed. I basically just eyeball it, adding more or less of whatever I have in the fridge. The amounts I've shared here will make you two mini wraps- the perfect solitary lunch.

I will say that it's easiest if you have all your ingredients prepped. I keep a jar of homemade hummus in the fridge, and pre-grate my carrots so making these wraps is really as easy as just assembling them. 

So, without further rambling, here's how to make your own:

you will need:*

2 mini tortilla wraps
4 tbsp hummus (homemade or purchased)
one half carrot, grated
one half red pepper, cut into strips
a handful of baby spinach
crumbled feta (or other cheese of your choice)

for the dressing:

2-3 tsp natural yogurt
1 tsp mustard
a generous drizzle of olive oil
salt & pepper

First lay out your wraps on the counter and spread them with hummus, making sure to cover the entire wrap. (This will help the wrap stay closed later...)

Next divide your veggies between the two wraps, starting with the carrot and red pepper, then laying the spinach on top. Add the crumbled feta. 

Fold up the sides of each wrap and roll them together, so both ends are sealed tightly. I like to cut mine in half for easy dipping into the dressing, but it's not necessary. 

To make the dressing, just combine all ingredients into a small bowl and whisk heartily with a spoon until everything's combined. (note: if you're really pressed for time, the wrap is delicious without the dressing as well.)

And that's it. I know it's super simple, but it's something I've been enjoying lately so I thought I'd share. 

* This is of course a very basic ingredient list, and what I've been using to fill my wraps for the most part. Other things I've added or swapped in have included: grated red beet, avocado and cucumber strips. I've also swapped feta for good old sliced gouda a few times. But really, you can add whatever you want or have on hand. 

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  1. That looks yummy and just about simple enough for me :) Love the idea of adding red beet and avocado.