Friday, September 18, 2015

5 (more) healthful and comforting soups

Last year around the holidays I shared a list of 5 of our favorite soups. The last few weeks has really brought Fall to these parts and we've been eating a ton of soup- it's easy, comforting, healthy and affordable so really, how could you not? Spending these cold, wet evenings indoors, knitting on the couch with a soup bubbling away on the stove is just so enjoyable that I decided to share a second list of our favorite soups here today. 

If you're a fan of cooking soup, I hope you find something new here to keep you warm and nourish your family during these coming months:

1. carrot & fennel soup

This is a simple, yet hearty and delicious soup, perfect for early fall. I use this recipe from Jamie Magazine and keep returning to it on those cold evenings after long days when dinner needs to be simple, comforting and nourishing. I haven't yet tried the flatbread that the recipe suggests as a side, but they sound like the perfect match to this soup.

2. minestrone soup (pictured above)

Last year I made a huge pot of soup from this recipe in an attempt to expand our repertoire of soups. I'm so glad I did, as it's delicious. (The recipe is in German, but this is similar). This soup also makes a great pasta sauce the next evening if you've got leftovers. Just add a can of tomatoes and sprinkle parmesan on top and you're good to go.

3. tomato soup 

Because what is more delicious than tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich? Not much! We generally use this recipe from the Pioneer Woman and swap out the croutons for that perfect, stringy, toasted grilled cheese sandwich. Bliss.

4. rustic white bean soup

I first made this soup using this recipe from the book Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequest. Now I tend to used the white beans as a starting point and add whatever veggies I have on hand- zucchini or butternut squash work well. I generally swap the fennel for celery and I always mash the soup up in the end to get that rustic texture. This soup is perfect with a loaf of freshly baked focaccia.  

5. black bean tortilla soup

I discovered this late last winter when I was sick and tired of white beans. This recipe from ABM is simple and lends itself well to adding and swapping ingredients. I like to crumble tortilla chips on top of mine, or slice a few green onions to sprinkle on top in place of the cilantro. 

As always, I love collecting new recipes! If you've got a recipe for a must-try soup, please do share. I'd love to give it a try. 


  1. I'm definitely bookmarking this for later! I'm so happy it's finally (almost) soup season. Around here we make this soup at least twice a month during the winter, though I do add more zucchini/fewer potatoes for a bit more flavour Highly recommended!!

    1. oh yum! this recipe looks delicious! I'm bookmarking it to try over the next few weeks for sure :)

  2. This post comes at exactly the right time - I am so looking forward to making more soup as it gets colder. I often make a veggie soup with a can of diced tomatoes thrown in but this post has given me lots of new ideas :)