Monday, July 20, 2015

Home & Away and the Woolful KAL

I was pretty excited to pick up a copy of Hannah Fettig's new book Home & Away several weeks ago at 88 Stitches yarn store. Honestly, what could possibly be better than a book filled with gorgeous photography, knitting tips & tricks, and patterns that would fit perfectly into any handmade wardrobe?


Well so I thought, until I saw that Ashley of Woolful is hosting a knit along this month for the book. Because the only thing better than knitting one of these sweaters alone is the chance to do it in the company of so many talented knitters on Instagram and Ravelry!

I've been a part of several knit alongs in the past and each time I was blown away by the inspiration and motivation I found in knitting with others. I don't have a lot of friends who knit (though I have taught a few of them...) so I think it's pretty amazing that we have the ability to knit along with other knitters all over the world. It's like one giant, all encompassing knitting circle and I kind of love that.

For this knit along, I've decided to cast on the Lesley sweater with both the Rosemont and Boothbay cardigans closely tying for second. They're both going in my queue for sure. While staying with my parents, I've had the chance to look through my grandmother's yarn stash and found some aran weight forest green Shetland yarn that is perfect for Lesley so that played into the decision to start it first. This sweater is July's project, and I'm so enjoying knitting it, I'm sure I'll be done before the end of the month. 

Have you guys had a chance to look through this book yet? If so, what are your favourites? It's hard to pick, I know! 


  1. Is this a good book for someone who considers themselves a beginner?

    1. Yes absolutely! The patterns are for simple, everyday pieces without a lot of extra fuss. Everything is so clearly written out, and there are patterns for both seamed and seamless versions of every sweater, so if one way seems too confusing you could always try the other. Also there's tons of extra tips about swatching, yarn, finishing and even choosing the right sweater size for you.