Wednesday, June 17, 2015

FO: crochet market bag

I've mentioned this before, but every year when the warmer months roll around, I get the urge to crochet with cotton.

This year, I stumbled upon the Drops Love You V Cotton yarn. It's recycled, which I'm really pleased about, after becoming more aware of the environmental effects of growing cotton. Plus it's lovely to work with and comes in beautiful, rustic neutrals, which is basically my love language. 

So I grabbed as much as I could carry and brought it home to make this market bag

And I love it. 

To be honest, my crochet skills are mediocre at best, and though I do enjoy it, I definitely don't have the same drive to improve as I do with knitting. But this was such a fun project- challenging though totally achievable and I know I'll use the finished bag consistently throughout the summer. 

Perhaps I'll have to pick up a crochet project now and then during the other months of the year as well. 

I've been finishing up quite a few projects recently and I'm trying desperately not to cast on too many more things before I take off for Canada in two weeks. I've got big plans for summer crafting (July and August's projects are going to be rad!) as well as some new designs in the mix that I'm hoping to share soon. But for now I'm mostly finishing off unfinished projects that have been kicking around for too long. It's a tiresome job at times but it's going to feel so good to have a clean slate and empty project bags to bring to Canada with me! 

What are your summer projects? Anything exciting planned for the months to come?

Also, this was about 30 seconds before my hair went completely crazy due to the humidity. I tell you...summer in central Germany. Not something I'm used to. I haven't had a good hair day in weeks!


  1. Oooh! Not long till you go now! Wishing you a really super summer back in your homeland and with your family! I'm super excited because my folks and big sister will be coming to stay for 3 weeks at the end of July - I really, really can't wait!

    Like you, I'm frantically trying to finish up a heap of little projects right now, because as for summer plans, well I think you know what I'll be up to! xxx

    1. thanks Fran! haha...yes you will be busy for sure ;)

  2. I love that bag! And I'm pretty jealous of your trip to Canada coming up-Canada's been on my to-visit list for ages! I totally hear you about summer hair-in the summer, it's almost like my hair gets a perm from all the heat and humidity! It gets twice as curly, twice as big, and will not listen to reason for anything.

    1. haha, yes it's rough for sure. Thankfully I don't have that problem too many months out of the year :)
      if you ever get the chance you should visit for sure- one very special corner of the world, although I'm biased. Though I've heard from many others that they think so too!

  3. God I suck at crochet. I tried and I just don't understand it but I think that's fine. I'm really okay with that. I have a friend who bought a lot of knitting stuff only to discover she enjoys crochet more. I'm just happy my knitting brought her to a craft she enjoys.