Friday, May 15, 2015

knitting in public

when I was in my early 20's I really discovered feminism. I read the books, took Women's Studies courses at Uni and told anyone who would listen about my feminist viewpoints. (to be clear: I had always had these views, I just hadn't realized they were called feminism, nor had I discovered all the baggage that came with that word).

Anyways, there I was- young, bright-eyed and hopeful, in the front row of my Women's studies class (I've always been a front row kind of girl) when the other feminists in the class start talking about those women who do things like knit in public.

For real. This really happened. I swear my only thought was oh gosh, I hope none of them saw me knitting at the bus stop this morning...

Since then, I've been a bit hesitant to knit alone in public. It's a different thing if I have a friend with me (moral support against any radical feminists who sneak up on me I suppose...) but I'm always a little hesitant to pull out my knitting in a cafe, at the park, or on a train alone. 

But the truth is, I still call myself a feminist. And I knit. And I think the two fit nicely together. (We can have a long wordy discussion on this but I think I'm probably preaching to the choir here...)

So, in the spirit of my one word for this year, I am hiding no longer. Instead, I think I'll just be one of those women who (proudly) knit in public. 


  1. Feminism is about freedom and choice, and if we want to knit in public, we have every right to! I feel like that sort of hostile branch of "feminism" is unsustainable and beginning to die out. Enjoy your public knitting-it looks like you have a great little spot set up there!

  2. Like Kat said, feminism is about being able to do what you want! No true feminist should ever call you out for knitting in public. For the last couple years I've become a lot more confident about knitting in public, and I've really only been given a hard time once or twice. More often than not, it's a great way to strike up conversations with like-minded people!

  3. Back in university I used to take my knitting with me on the train or bus a lot. I do feel a little weird to be knitting in public, but I do it anyway :) I get some funny looks from strangers sometimes but my friends are all used to it by now.

  4. I am from a family of alpha women. We just are born feminist. No question. I really am saddened by women who don't support other women. I knit in public while preaching feminism and drinking my coffee or whatever. I just can't understand women who aren't feminist and those who down other women for how they dress or being a homemaker or whatever. Lift each other up and not rip each other down.

    By the way I was always a front rower myself. I have an American History degree, an European History degree and a Political Theory degree. I wish my particular university had feminist philosophy as a degree sooner than the year I graduated. All well. I plan on attending Rutgers or NYU once J and I move out to the East Coast. I really want a Masters degree in Women and Gender History.