Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Apri's Project and some thoughts on Finishing

it's no secret that I loved working on April's project- Irish Oats socks by Cabin Four. These socks were so much fun to make and are so beautiful. Definitely my favorite pair that I've made yet! I had never worked consistently on a pair of socks over such a short time before- as socks are usually my between-projects or on-the-go knitting. But it was a really fun project, and though it's warming up, I'm thinking I'll get some use of them over the summer on cooler evenings while sitting around campfires and the like. 

There will absolutely be another pair of socks cast on soon (along with May's project of course) and I'm just trying to decide what yarn to go with next! 

Making socks always gets me thinking about process. I am still amazed when it comes time to turn the heel- something about it just feels like magic to me. Also, over the past year since starting to knit socks, I've gotten really comfortable with the natural process of a pair of top down socks: cuff, leg, heel, gusset, foot, toe. It feels familiar and almost comforting to knit through each step. 

I do, however tend to dread one point in the process. Finishing. 

This isn't exactly unique to sock knitting, as the feeling spills over into other projects as well. But, by the time I get around to knitting the toe on that second sock, I'm generally feeling pretty anxious to have the project finished. 

Last week I shared the above photo on Instagram from when I was getting ready to close up the toes of my socks. I do not enjoy doing Kitchener stitch. Not only do I always forget how to do it (and thus have to look it up) but I find it tedious and frustrating. I often have to say out loud each step of the process so that I remember where I am- for the entire time. 

But it's not just kitchener stitch I've got a problem with. I don't enjoy casting off in general, and I quite literally DREAD weaving in ends. I have absoluetly been that knitter who wears finished objects before the ends have been properly woven in. I'm not proud of it, but it's the truth. 

Recently I heard (or read?) someone say that you should plan in as much time for the finishing as it's taken you to knit the garment. (I wish I could remember who exactly said this, though I have a feeling it was on knit.fm) Now that may be a little extreme but I like the sentiment behind it. To think of finishing as a worthy part of the process that deserves time and effort all on it's own would be revolutionary to me. To stop dreading those last few steps, and begin to see them as part of creating that finished item, made with love. 

So I'm setting myself a little goal. I want to start finishing my projects as a proper part of the knitting process. This means weaving in ends right away, and also working to improve my casting off skills (including Kitchener stitch), learning a few new ways to cast off perhaps, and just generally giving myself the time I need to finish my projects in a way that's reflective of how much love and time has gone into them. 

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  1. Those socks are so beautiful, Ruth! Love the pattern and the white gives them a really elegant look.
    True story: I still have and wear the very first pair of socks I knit when I was a teenager and I never wove in the ends *hangsheadinshame*. I've since gotten way better in finishing, in fact I try to stick by my own unwritten rule to not wear something until the ends are woven in because if I do I will never weave in those ends, ever.