Friday, March 27, 2015

life lately

making a few changes to my shop/blog (more details soon)  
loving quiet weekend mornings reading on the couch with Waldi 
excited to get my hands on some of this yarn
drinking lovely English teas gifted to us by friends
reading through the archives of this blog 
knitting April's project (Irish Oats socks by Cabin Four)
watching season 4 of Gilmore girls 
baking Franz Brötchen (shown above)
using up my left over skeins of neutral yarn to crochet a blanket
inspired by the lovely embroidery in this Instagram feed
enjoying Skype knitting dates with my mama
overwhelmed by all the kindness and inspiration I find daily in this community. Thank you all!  


  1. Enjoy your weekend ... lovely links which are very inspiring indeed!

  2. wishing you a cozy weekend
    thank YOU for this beautiful and inspiring blog.
    it is always such a big pleasure to visit here.