Saturday, February 21, 2015

let's talk podcasts (one last time!)

I know, I know...I keep sharing posts about my favorite podcasts. It's just that I keep stumbling across these new and amazing podcasts and can't help but want to share my discoveries with all of you. 

So I've decided to share once more in this space a few of my favorite podcasts. (I'm hoping soon to add a page at the top of this blog that lists my favorite blogs and podcasts for any future discoveries)

Over the past few months, I've really fallen in love with audio podcasts. There's just something so cool about listening to interesting interviews, good storytelling and great discussions while knitting at home with a cup of tea. I do like all these podcasts, but I love a few of them, so I decided to share a ranking system. One star means I've listened in occasionally and find the episodes interesting but I'm not going to go back and listen to everything. Three means I wait each week for new episodes to come out and have heard all the archives (sometimes more than once). Two is somewhere in between. So, without further ado, here are my current favorite podcasts (in alphabetical order): (just click on the name to follow the link!)

The Art of Simple // *
I discovered this podcast after reading Tsh's book Notes from a Blue Bike. Though I haven't listened to many episodes, the ones I've heard have been quite interesting, and I've enjoyed her laid back interview style 

BBC Radio 4 Book Club // *
There are basically never ending episodes of this radio show, each featuring a different author, talking with readers about their books. I've been slowly going through the list and listening to episodes featuring authors I've read, and it's always fun to hear them read out of their own books. 

Creative Start // *
This is a brand new Podcast that talks to different creatives about how they got their start doing what they do. I love hearing people's back stories, and have enjoyed all the episodes I've had a chance to listen to so far.

Elise Gets Crafty // ***
I love LOVE this podcast. Never miss an episode. Elise is a great host and interviewer and always has the most interesting guests, talking about blogging and creativity and staying motivated. A must-listen for any creative, and great for listening to while crafting! // ***
This was the first podcast I "discovered" and I immediatley fell in love with this medium. Hannah and Pam are so knowledgeable, and I always learn so SO much. It's really too bad the episodes are so inconsistant, though that's the only down-side in my opinion.

Pomcast // *
This is Pom Pom magazine's podcast. I am always intriqued by the patterns put out by this magazine and was really excited to find out they had a podcast. Though I haven't yet made my way through many of the archives, I do always enjoy the interviews they have with different knitwear designers or indie dyers, and of course it's fun hearing their British accents.

Reply All // **
I found this show through listening to Start Up (see below). I've not listened to many episodes, but the ones I've heard have been super interesting and informative. I'm excited to keep listening! 

Start Up // ***
Really, I started listening to this on a complete whim. This podcast is about starting a tech business (not something I thought I'd even be interested in) but the storytelling is just so fantastic that I got hooked. Seriously, this is some very good narrative journalism. If you decide to listen, make sure to start at the beginning.

Serial // ***
Of course, what would a list of podcasts be without Serial? I eventually decided I too had to give this a listen and proceeded to frantically listen to every episode over the next several weeks. Again, just really good storytelling. Can't wait for season two!

Ted Radio Hour // *
I sure do love a good Ted Talk, so I was excited to find out that Ted had a podcast. The episodes all have a topic and feature clips and interviews from various Ted Talks surrounding that topic. So far I've only gone back and listened to a few of the topics that sounded interesting to me, but they've all been very good. 

Woolful //  ***
This would have to be my current favorite podcast (since it came out several months ago). Ashley interviews an amazing mix of Fiber Folk about their journeys in this community, what they make and how they started. I've learned so much through the different interviews and have been so inspired in my own knitting pursuits. I eagerly await the release on Tuesday and my new Tuesday afternoon routine has been coming home from work to a cuppa, my knitting and this podcast. 

So that's it for you can see I've turned into a bit of an audio podcast geek (read: fanatic). (sorry not sorry). Hope you find something in this list for you! 
And OF COURSE I would love to hear if you have any recommendations for me. A girl can never have too many podcasts to listen to, right? 


  1. This is perfect timing, I just got into podcasts and am looking for more! I've heard of some of these ones and listen to a couple already, so I am excited to check out the rest! Some others that I am currently into are Homesteady (it's about farming/homesteading) and the livin lightly podcast (simple living). They are both pretty new and only have a handful of episodes each, but I have been very impressed with the quality and storytelling.

    1. oh, glad you found the list helpful! Both of those podcasts sound really interesting, thanks for sharing! I'll make sure to check them out.

  2. I've been hearing a great deal about this woolful podcast. I need to give it a listen.