Friday, February 6, 2015

January's FO: Kingsley Hat

One of my goals this year is to be intentional about supporting this fiber community by knitting a project each month for myself from a pattern or yarn made by an independent designer or small-business owner. This is January's Project! 

(here's the introduction to the project incase you missed it!)

I'm very excited to share with you today my FO for January! This month I knit up the Kingsley Hat by Andrea Mowry in a lovely navy blue alpaca-wool blend. I first found Andrea through her Instagram profile, and immediately fell in love with her beautifully designed patterns. I originally knit the Kingsley Hat for Waldi for Christmas, but enjoyed the pattern so much I decided to knit one up for myself. 

The hat was a lot of fun to make. It took a bit of concentration to get the stitch pattern at first, but once I'd knit through it once or twice, I got a pretty good hold of it and really enjoyed it. 

And I love my hat. (And Waldi loves his too...which is saying a lot because he doesn't even really like hats!) 

Can't wait to see what other projects this year has in store! 


  1. The hat is beautiful, the navy blue suits you well!

    1. thank you! it really is such a great pattern :)

  2. It turned out beautifully, the color suits you so well! Hmm, all the wonderful hats I see everywhere really make me want to cast on another one!

  3. What a gorgeous hat! The diamond pattern really reminds me of traditional Gansey/Guernsey patterns from fisherman's sweaters in the UK...but with a more modern slouch. How lovely!