Monday, January 26, 2015

what's on my needles: selfish knitting month

I actually had no idea that January was considered selfish knitting month (until I saw this). But I had my January planned with projects for myself anyways. Perhaps it has something to do with finishing up all those Christmas gifts after spending the Fall knitting for my shop. But I know it also has to do with my Wear Handmade Project. Since deciding to wear more of the items I've made (or than have been made for me) I've noticed several large holes in my handmade wardrobe. As soon as the new year rolled around, and I had a bit more time to knit for me, I was ready to get started on a few projects. So, here's what's been on my needles over the past few months!

Stockholm Scarf: I cast this on while still in the midst of December rush and managed to get it cast off just before New Years. (so technically it's not a January project, but I'm including it here anyways) It's a free pattern on Ravelry that I really recommend. Easy to memorize and fun to knit, I've been wearing mine basically non stop since casting off!

Polka Dot Hat: This hat was so fun to make. I love polka dots, but wanted something a little more understated than the usual polka dot patterned garment. So I came up with the idea for this hat. I've really enjoyed wearing it since it's been off the needles earlier this month. (In case you missed it, I published this pattern last week on Ravelry!)

Hermione's Everyday Socks: I started these waaay back in August after finishing Waldi's socks but then put them aside when the business of Fall arrived. When my LYS was closed for the first two weeks of January (unexpectedly) I finally got a chance to return to them. I've finished the first and started the cuff on the second. Though I don't struggle with Second Sock Syndrome, I do struggle with "hesitation to begin the heel" syndrome (meaning, I tend to put my socks away for awhile once I've finished the cuff, even though I now feel confident turning heels...) So I'll be trying to avoid this over the next few weeks. 

Lila Pullover: This is the project I chose for the Sunday Sweater Knit-along on Instagram. I've had my eye on the pattern for ages, and when I saw that a knit-along was starting, I figured it was the perfect push to get me working on my second sweater. So far it's been going pretty well, although I did end up switching colors (from brown to gray-brown...daring, I know!) I can't wait to see how the finished garment will turn out. 

Kingsley Hat: I knit up a Kingsley hat for Waldi as a Christmas present and loved the pattern so much I decided to cast on one for me! (This hat is also part of a monthly project I'm starting- more on this soon!)

So those are the major projects that I've been working on recently. What are you guys knitting? I'd love to see or hear about your current projects! 

PS: A huge HUGE thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway for a my new hat pattern! I so enjoyed reading all your lovely comments, both on Instagram and here on the blog! The winner of the pattern is claudeandwilbur from Instagram. Congrats! 


  1. Can't believe how many things you work on simultaneously! I'm glad to get one project finished every few months...happy selfish knitting!

    1. thank you. I know it's a bit crazy...but I like to work on multiple projects so that I always have knitting that needs a lot of concentration as well as something suitable for working on while talking with friends or Netflixing :)
      2 of these projects were already cast off before I cast on the sweater though- I try and stick to 3 ongoing projects so as not to get too crazy!