Wednesday, January 7, 2015

adventures in baking bread: part 5

one of my Fall Goals is to explore the art of baking bread. Just me, in my kitchen, kneading dough with my own two hands (...and a very happy husband of course!) This is the fifth and final list of recipes I've tried for this project. You can read about the others here

So yes. I know, it is no longer Fall. And we are waaay late with this post. But the truth is, I've been baking a lot lately- just not so much bread. I really wanted to share a final few recipes and wrap up this project on a strong note, so I figured I would just share what I HAVE been making. The recipes stray a little from what qualifies as "bread" but this is my project, so I'm just running with it. 

basic bread: no knead dutch oven bread

recipe I used: one from this book, but this is similar 

my thoughts: This was so simple and turned out to be such a delicious bread. One of my favorites from the entire project for sure. The first time I tried this, I didn't have enough time to let the bread rise for the full 12 hours, but when I baked it up, it turned out delicious anyways. (A bit like ciabatta bread). One thing I would say is that this bread should be cut right before serving, otherwise it drys out quite quickly. Still delicious but not as stellar as it could be.

would I make this again: I've been making it consistently since first giving it a try, and know it will be a staple from now on.

non-loaf bread: Quiche Crust

recipe I used: improvised, but I plan to share soon!

my thoughts: I know this is not bread, but somehow this late Fall/early Winter, Quiche has become a real staple in our house. I've baked this up more times then I can count, and thought it was worth sharing. It is easy, fast, and doesn't require many ingredients. Plus it tastes delicious. 

would I make this again: oh yes.

sweet bread: gingerbread cookies

recipe I used: my mom's classic recipe

no, no...I'm just kidding. That's stretching it a little far...

sweet bread: this time it's my Christmas Granola Bread

recipe I used: I made this up and shared the recipe here.  

my thoughts: you can read my thoughts in the above linked post.

would I make this again: yes, but I would mix up the nuts and dried fruit a bit (and probably add more of both)

So that wraps up this project! I'll be sharing my thoughts on what I learned through this, and a few of my favorite recipes (and what I regret not trying...) next week!

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