Friday, December 19, 2014

in my studio: comfort knitting

I am a big fan of comfort knitting. You know the type. Projects that don't require learning many new skills and consequently ripping back and frogging. Projects that don't include reading a pattern but can be dreamed up in your head and then executed flawlessly. Projects that can be knit up in your favorite stitch pattern (garter stitch...yes, I am that boring), with your favorite fiber (wool & alpaca blends), on your favorite needles (6mm bamboo circulars- not too big or too small), in your favorite colours (brown and cream tones...again, I'm that boring). Just fill in the blanks and you've got you're comfort knitting recipe. 

Over the past few weeks, I've been working on this blanket in between holiday orders and gifts. It is just a simple diagonal baby blanket that I improvised, knit in garter stitch. (No, I am not pregnant, just thought I'd clear that up right away). Anyways, here are some progress shots in stitches and cups of coffee.

I was looking for a simple and comforting knit, something that I could work on when I was feeling overwhelmed or stressed by everything that needs to happen (or be knit) during this season. I am so SO happy with the result! It's not complicated or intricate, but it's still one of my favorite knits from this year.

I'm calling it the Comfort Baby Blanket, in part because it was such comfort knitting for me, but also of course because I hope it will be a blessing and comfort to the little one who will eventually be kept warm by it. I've also decided to list these in the shop in the new year. There will be several (neutral) colours available to choose from and each blanket will be hand knit by me with all the love I've got. 

Now of course, I want to know: what projects or stitchs or specific patterns are pure comfort knitting to you? Do you have a favorite yarn or fiber that you keep returning to? Is there a particular colour that consistently catches your eye? 

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  1. I've been participating in the Woolful Nordic Wind shawl knit-a-long, and it has been so relaxing. After all my crazy Christmas knitting it has been so nice to just lose myself in a rustic yarn and simple knits and purls. I'm really torn between wanting to finish the project because I really want to wear it, and just doing a few relaxing rows at a time. It will get finished eventually :)