Friday, August 15, 2014

our vacation part one: Hamburg

last week Waldi and I went on a short vacation to celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary. We decided to spend one day exploring Hamburg and then several days on the small Danish Island of Fejø. It was the perfect combination of city exploring and calm relaxing by the ocean. Here's Part 1 in photos! 

(note: please excuse the quality of these- they were taken with Waldi's phone!)

Though we didn't have long in Hamburg, it's probably my favorite German city I've yet seen. It's a port city, and while it's still quite different from Vancouver, I started feeling a little homesick! 

We arrived in the late afternoon and after finding and checking into a hotel, we headed out to explore. We walked through the Schanzenviertel, a (heavily gentrified) neighborhood filled with little parks, shops and cafes and ended up (by plan of course...) at Mylys (literally, My Local Yarn Store). I was really impressed with the selection- high quality hand spun & hand dyed yarns from both here in Europe and elsewhere. They also had an incredibly extensive selection of English knitting magazines. I fell absouletly in love with a skein of MadTosh sock, and could have browsed for hours! Thankfully Mylys also has a cafe so Waldi could sit with his coffee and read the paper while I looked around. If you knit and are anywhere near Hamburg you really have to visit! 

Next we headed down to the water to see the Lion King musical. This has been a dream of Waldi's for years, and a friend of our's kindly gifted us tickets! It was an incredible experience. The theatre is across the harbor, so there's a small ferry that takes all the guests across. (Again, this made me slightly homesick for the SeaBus...) And the musical itself is so engrossing, I forgot it was in German :)

After the musical we grabbed a quick snack at Brücke 10. This was a great little spot at the end of the St Pauli Landungsbrücke, just past all the major tourist spots. We had Fish Brötchen and Fritz Cola, which comes from Hamburg. While we were eating, we watched a large container ship pull out of the harbor- something that apparently doesn't happen all to often. Even the locals were snapping photos!

The next morning we managed to grab a quick breakfast before heading out on the road. Somehow we stumbled across a Canadian-style diner: Mamalicious. We didn't even realize it until we sat down and opened the menu. (you can't see it in the photo, but it says in English we only serve real Canadian maple syrup). They had bottomless coffee, pancakes, AND Canadian style french toast! 

We had a really great time, though we both wished we had a bit longer to explore. Oh well, I guess we'll have to go back soon!

Part 2 on Monday.

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