Wednesday, July 9, 2014

on my bookshelf: reading Jane Eyre

Sometimes, re-reading an old favorite book is the best possible thing. I often recall all the original memories that I associate with that book's previous reading- places, seasons, foods, music...

But perhaps even better is re-reading a book that you didn't quite enjoy the first time around and finding it to be a treasure overlooked. That is how reading Jane Eyre is going for me.

I first read (most of) this novel right out of my high school English Lit class, when I was trying to add to the list of literary classics I've read. I'm not sure exactly what the problem was the first time around. It could have been the time and season of my life, or the head space I was in. But whatever the cause, I didn't enjoy it and never finished it. 

But recently, I've been seeing and hearing about this book everywhere. (well...on podcasts and instagram at least). And then I found an English copy at the local library here and decided to give it another chance. So glad I did! I've been carting it around with me for the last week, reading in parks and cafes, and of course every night before bed. So lovely. And I can't put it down!

Are there any books that you've given a second chance to, or that you would like to try reading again? I'd love to hear!  

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