Monday, June 30, 2014

on my needles

Recently, I've discovered a new favorite podcast- The Bakery Bears Podcast! If you knit, and haven't yet seen this, I really recommend it. In every episode, Kay and Dan have a section where they share what's on their needles. It's so lovely to discover new patterns and potential projects through seeing what others are knitting. 

So I was inspired to start a new little series sharing what's on my knitting needles (and crochet hook too...) Here's what I've been making recently!

Dreiecke hats: I love this pattern from Very Shannon. Much like the Onward Shawl I knit earlier this year, this pattern is made up of geometrical shapes, and (I find) requires a bit more concentration. I'm making this to give as a gift and I'm loving how it's coming out! 

baby moccasins: I mentioned on Friday that I started making these adorable baby moccasins from the Purl Bee. I've now almost finished- just have to sew in the the ends and add the little coloured stitches to the toes! 

Waldi's socks: since I started knitting socks in April, I seem to (for the most part) always have a pair on the needles! They are just the perfect project- cozy, portable, for the most part fairly simple and small enough to keep knitting on warm days! Waldi has been asking for socks for ages, and I figured why not start them now! 

crochet blanket: One of my Summer Goals was to crochet a granny square blanket. I'm surprised by how far I am actually- it's so easy to just quickly make up a square whenever I have a few extra minutes. Still got a long way to go but it's a ton of fun! I'll share more on this soon! 

What are you working on? Any patterns or projects that you're loving? Would love to hear! 

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  1. I'm doing beach bag's in t-shirt yarn and its going very well, but it's a wrist killer....