Monday, March 24, 2014

in my studio: storage

the "in my studio" series is a chance for me to share bits and pieces of my crafting and design process, the work and inspiration behind my art. (previous posts include my pattern booka day in the lifemy packaging essentials and tools of the trade).

It's no secret that one day I would love to have a home studio. Since we don't currently have the space, I've transformed a corner of our living room into my "studio". It's small but functional and I love having all my tools and supplies in the same spot. (I think Waldi likes it too...this way he doesn't find wool tucked into every corner of our apartment!) Today I thought I would share a bit about how I maximize my storage space. 

cabinet: I won't say a lot about this, since I've talked more about it before but I will say that I would be lost without it. This is the heart of my home studio, so to say.

glass jars: I use glass jars to store my straight needles & DPN's, and also my embroidery thread. Usually I make some sort of crochet trim to go around the jars, but I think they look cute on their own too.

cans: I started storing my pencil crayons in a can as a temporary solution. I always meant to find something better to keep them in, but now I'm sort of attached to the look! 

mugs: I'm a sucker for cute mugs at flea markets. I can never resist! Since there's no way I can drink out of all of them, I've started using them to store my tools- crochet hooks, washi tape, hole punch, you name it! Recently, I even started using one to hold yarn scraps. 

 fabric pouches: These are so useful and versatile! I use them to hold my circular needles, and to store any projects I want to bring with me in my larger bag. I recently bought some fabric to make a few more with, since I just never seems to have enough lying around! 

baskets: I use a larger, colorful basket to hold yarn for projects I'm working on, or for future orders. I also have a smaller basket for fabric scraps, or things I've embroidered that don't yet have a home (like that little hedgehog pin shown above) 

bookshelf: Waldi build a wonderful bookshelf out of recycled wine crates when we first moved here. It's one of my favorite things about our apartment! I use one of the bottom crates to store finished projects, and of course all my crafting books are there as well. 

so there you have it! that's how I maximize my space! do you have a home crafting space? if so, how do you organize it? I'd love to hear your tips! 

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