Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I have been talking about making a sweater for ages! I even included it as one of my winter goals for this season. Because I knit for my job now, I don't often have a lot of time left over for personal knitting. So what better time then a month-long vacation to tackle this huge project?

Just before we left back in December, I selected a pattern for my sweater. I chose Jane Richmond's Oatmeal Pullover, and I was so pleased with this choice! It was the perfect first sweater project for me. I wanted something that was seamless, as I hate sewing in ends, and thought a top-down with raglan sleeves would be straight forward enough for my first attempt. I knit it up in the yarn the pattern called for (Lion Brand Wool Ease) which made the sweater work up nice and quick. In the end, after debating for a while both options, I decided to go with full length sleeves instead of the thee-quarter sleeves featured in the pattern. I just think I'll get more wear out of it this way. I've taken to calling it my fisherman's sweater, just because of the color- no cable work here yet, though maybe soon...?

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  1. I postes this on Ravelry but I figured I'd also post it here. This is my first sweater and I’m currently on the Raglan Inc Rounds and I’m doing the increases at all (4) of the stitch markers. My question is for the next section the Raglan Inc Section (Body Only) are those increases for where the stitch markers represent the sleeve? I know it says body only but it looks to me like the increases would help shape the sleeve and when I look at the pattern and other people's finished projects it looks like they may have done the increases at the 1st stitch marker after the start a new round and the stitch marker before they finish the round. Does that make sense at all?