Wednesday, November 13, 2013

knitting fantasy list: Fall & Winter

so, something I am quickly learning about running a handmade business is that working on projects all day for my shop and stocklists doesn't leave me a lot of time for personal knitting.

so I've been spending a fair bit of time daydreaming about all the wonderful knitting projects I wish I had time to get to! And because there's nothing more fun than is my list of fantasy knitting projects!

1. Dreiecke Hat: I have actually already bought this pattern from Shannon Cook on Etsy, and plan to make the hat for my sister before Christmas. We'll see how that goes!

2. Plowline Raglan Sweater: I know I keep saying it, but it's true- I am really REALLY excited to get started on my first sweater. Basically now, all that's left is to decide. Right now I'm leaning towards this lovely pattern from Garment House. Have I mentioned how much I love the look of garter stitch..? And recently, I am loving the two toned idea as well. (I also quite like this and this)

3. Boot Cuffs: I would love to make these cute little boot cuffs from Hilary Frazier on Etsy. I love the look of the stitch pattern- so unique! (I even have the perfect yarn in mind to match the hat I am currently working on so hopefully soon!)

4. Farmhouse Baby Blanket: because for real- this is the prettiest baby blanket EVER! And also because, though I love the idea of making a blanket, I also love the idea that a baby blanket is so much the name is great.

5. The Onward Shawl: this is from the collection Journey by Shannon Cook & Jane Richmond. I am seriously excited about this collection of patterns. Especially this one. I love how the model's wearing it as a large triangle scarf! (I shared this on Facebook a few weeks back, but in case you missed it, you can see the rest of the collection here.)

so there you have it. My current top 5 knitting fantasies. Now, maybe I should get back to actually knitting :)
(Also, if you want to keep up with knitting patterns I find and love, feel free to follow my knit board on Pinterest.)

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