Friday, October 4, 2013

two-fold inspiration

I've mentioned it before in various "about" pages, but my inspiration for this business is really two-fold. On the one hand, my designs are inspired by a comfortable and cozy life spent at home, something I crave down to the deepest parts of me. I love being wrapped up in warm sweaters and blankets on the couch, reading, drinking tea, and being with others who are important to me. I see my home as a place for my soul- somewhere I can be myself, and allow my creativity to roam free. I try and capture some of this comfort and creativity in the products I design.

On the other hand, I was raised in British Columbia. I once read a quote about how even the most urban of BC's poets can't help but be affected by the wilderness they're surrounded by. I think this is beautiful. And it's true. Even my homey, crafty soul longs for those wilderness spaces. I feel it here in Europe even. Especially when it rains. Sometimes I can't help walking in the rain, reveling in it, and remembering where it is I come from. The "rain soaked beaches and lonely forests" as I've put it before. So, I try and capture this wilderness beauty in my designs as well.  

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