Wednesday, October 30, 2013

inspiration: knitting on the big screen

One of the places I least expected to ever find knitting inspiration was in the movies. I have to admit, before I met Waldi, I wasn't a big movie person. Like at all. But after 5 years of being around that guy constantly, I have realized what I was missing! I love an evening curled up on the couch together, drinking tea and knitting (well, just me knitting) while watching a good movie. 
And recently I have come to realize the wealth of inspiration for delightful knitted goodness that exists on the big screen. Here are a few that I love:

First, the lovely Hermione hat. I mentioned last week that I am currently making this hat (from HP and the Half Blood Prince) using the Hermione Hearts Ron pattern from Ravelry. I can't wait to wear it. There's also a lovely hat that Hermione wears in Deathly Hallows Part 1 that I would love to find a pattern for sometime!

I love Jenna Fischer. Almost as much as I love Pam Beasley. (Let's face it, the main reason I ever watched The Office was for Jim and Pam, but I digress.) We stumbled upon The Giant Mechanical Man on Netflix a few months ago and LOVED it. Also, I am pretty sure I cast on this hat before the movie was even over! It's an easy enough stitch pattern to figure out and I had the perfect yarn in my stash, so I just couldn't help it! 

Although I have never tried to knock-off any of these knitted items, this scene from The Holiday is just full of cozy knitted bliss. I LOVE this movie, (and it's soundtrack) and this is one of my favorite scenes- the lovely Cameron Diaz, all wrapped up in a gorgeous cabled sweater and mitts I would borrow anytime! 

and well, this. And yes, everyone's talking about it right now, but I just gotta join in and add that I too am dying over the incredible Katniss cowl. Or shawl. Or scarf-like-thing. Whatever it is, it's gorgeous. 

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  1. Oh Ruthie, every time I see that Hermione hat i think to myself how much i like it, also the hat which she wears when her and Harry visit the graveyard in Godric's Hollow (which i think is the one you are referring to?) Let me know if you ever find that patter and I will order one for sure! Love and miss you lots!