Monday, September 23, 2013

a few business developments

There has been lots going on in the life of my little business these past few weeks. Shorter days and colder mornings means Fall is here- the season of cozy, warm, hand knits! I'm so excited about all the developments this season has brought for me and thought I would take a moment this morning to share some of them. 

First of all, my new business cards. I am so SO happy with this beautiful handmade stamp I ordered from Paper Sushi on Etsy. (visit her shop here, she does great work) I really wanted something that looked professional, but that still had that undeniable DIY charm. 

Secondly, there are several new designs up in the shop as of last week. My new personal favorite is the Snowflake Cowl and I also quite love these Archery Mitts and have taken to wearing them while I knit. They keep my hands warm while not getting in the way of what I am doing. They would also be good for a number of other activities including, but not limited to: typing, crafting, writing, shooting a bow and arrow, playing Quidditch, or simply taking the dog for a walk.

Third. I am currently working on fine tuning a few of my patterns to offer for sale in the shop. As I have mentioned before, I love simple, cozy, timeless designs, so my patterns will follow suite. Most will be suitable for novice knitters, but with enough subtlety to interest those more advanced. The patterns will most likely be available in both English and German. Watch this space for further info.

Also: an announcement for all those living in or around Marburg. 
Since last week, you are now able to purchase raincloud & sage products in Gutenbergstraße. YAY! The store is called Stöffchen, and carries handmade products from a variety of artists in the area. I'm very excited about this opportunity, and will be selling selected scarves and mitts from the Etsy shop, as well as a few smaller items I designed specifically to sell in this new space. 

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