Saturday, August 31, 2013

August's books

First off this month, I finished off David Nicholls' One Day. I read this in German. It was my final book to reach my goal of reading 5 novels during my first year living here. I was really excited because with each book, my reading became more natural, and with this one, I at time forgot I was reading in German. This book totally got me. I was captivated. I loved catching up with the characters from year to year. So often, books and stories focus on one event or time period in somebody's life. It was really interesting to be able to follow these people over the years and to watch them grow, to cheer for them and hope against odds that they would make it.

Next I picked up Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird for a little re-reading pleasure and was, again, not disapointed. This is technically a book on writing, but basically Anne just shares her creative process, and thoughts on life. I think it's applicable to anyone who considers themself an artist, a misfit, or a human being.

I FINALLY started Harry Potter this month. I would have started earlier except that I have been collecting the books second hand from Flea Markets, little book stores, and boxes left out on the street, and I had yet to find the first few. But once I did, I blazed through them. Looking forward to more ahead! 

(also, starting in September, I have decided to change things up a little with these book posts. I am going to be joining the Yarn Along on the Small Things Blog, hopefully 2 Wednesdays every month. So I will share what I am reading through those posts!) 

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