Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2 years.

Yesterday was our 2nd Wedding Anniversary, and I am still trying to get over how beautiful our day was. I couldn't have imagined a day more perfect to celebrate the beginning of our marriage and I couldn't imagine my life without this man. My best friend, my love, my partner in this life. 

There is no one that knows me like Waldi. And there is no one I know better than I know him. Honestly, the depth of this guy's soul is incredible. I should know. I have been diving into it daily for almost 5 years now and I still haven't touched bottom. 

People sometimes ask me if I worry about getting married so young. How could I have been sure? 
To be honest, I worry sometimes about not having enough time in this life to know Waldi like I want to. I worry I won't get a chance to know and commit to memory all of the lines on his face.

August is our month. We met in August (almost 5 years ago now), we got married in August. We made the decision to move across the world at the beginning of August last year. I have to say, I am hoping this year, this month stays quiet for us. No adventures for us. Just a little bit of day-in-day-out routine. Together. That's what I'm hoping for. 

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