Monday, July 1, 2013

weekend craftiness

here's a little recap of my weekend in crochet swatches. Been working on new ideas for my fall line and have hit a bit of a rut. So this weekend, I pulled out the trusty "stitch-onary" and learned some new things, hoping that will kick-start a few ideas! 

This one is a lovely and simple variation of single crochet. I'm a huge fan of the basics and love being able to alternate them a bit.

Bobble stitch has been on my to-try list since I stumbled upon a lovely picture of it on Pinterest. I was surprised by how easy this particular method is.  

This last one isn't a new stitch, but it is a new crochet hook! At 10 mm it's the largest I own and gives the hdc stitch a totally new look! 

Love the simple inspiration it's possible to find simply from trying a few new things! 

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