Friday, June 7, 2013

summer salad.

so. I had a totally different post planned for today. on a completely different topic. and then. well, and then I made this:

and I knew right away that I had to share it! 

we eat an insane amount of veggie's in this household. And I'm always looking for new and delicious combinations. I mean...watermelon with...spaghetti??
This is a super simple salad- perfect for warm summer days when you just want to eat something cool and refreshing. I was literally in awe of how delicious this was!

You will need:

  • spaghetti (cooked and cooled- running cold water on it works fine!)
  • watermelon- chopped, with seeds removed
  • cucumber- peeled and chopped
  • feta- crumpled into small pieces
  • one shallot- finely diced
  • a few fresh sprigs of mint
Now just add everything together in a big bowl, pour on some olive oil and season with however much salt and pepper you wish. And it's just that simple. 

(this is a recipe from the German magazine Deli. You can view the original, without my alterations here)

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