Friday, June 14, 2013

summer goals

I am a huge fan of goal setting. I think it's an incredible tool that can help us be as fully alive as we can. I am also aware that it can sometimes do the opposite. I have been one of those people who sets crippling, unattainable goals for themselves and then wonders why I'm feeling so stressed and inadequate all the time. 

This is not what my summer goals are about. I have kept them super simple and easy to define. In other words, they are reachable, and I will know when I have met them. 

These are personal goals. I set business goals as well, but there is nothing on this particular list that has to do with my shop, with learning German, or with anything that will restrict or stress me out in any way. These goals are for me. I don't want this entire summer to be a blur of working, learning, planning and stressing. These are some steps I hope to take to prevent that from happening! 

There's an art to setting goals. I'll share my methods at some point in this space, but for now, here's what I have planned for this summer:

1. find a community garden plot 
I've wanted a vegetable garden for ages. Time to turn this dream into reality. There are several Community Gardens in Marburg and it's time to research and look into which one might be right for our family. 

2. decorate bedroom walls 
I'm really happy with how our living room turned out. I love to work in there- it's nurturing to my creativity, it's comfortable, and feels like a space we can sit down and breathe in. Our bedroom is still pretty empty. The theme of our house is; YAY! we turned this piece of trash into something really great and useful. In other words- repurposed and second-hand decor that is either free, made by us, or very very affordable. I feel a bit overwhelmed sometimes about finding things for the entire house. So I'm starting small. Just the walls for now. 

3. put together a recipe book with all our favorites
this has been on my to-do list ever since we moved and left all our cook books behind. I don't have a centralized location for our favorites. I'm hoping to put together a little book that we can look through for inspiration for our own meal planning, or for sharing. 

4. establish morning yoga 
I had this going all through the winter and early spring, but have let it slide since I started developing this business. Wasn't one of the things I wanted to let go of and it's time to bring it back. More on this later. 

5. read Harry Potter series 
because I found 3 of them for free last week...and... let's face it. it's a must for every self-respecting bookworm. 

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