Friday, May 17, 2013


I am continuing on with my little series about my favorite items for repurposed projects. you can read the first post here
just to recap quickly, these posts include a list of uses for the item in question, and then a quick and easy DIY "tutorial" (or more like "idea") at the end. 

today: tin cans.

  • cans are the perfect thing to store herbs in. I save all my larger ones and then put potted basil, rosemary, or thyme in them. The picture above shows one I made with a knit cozy. (I even knit the cozy in a sideways k1p1 rib to look like the rings on a can!)
  • I also store office supplies in them. Coloured pencils, pens, scissors...anything that I like to keep out and easy to access. Often I just leave them as they are, but I have seen some pretty cute paper and fabric covered ones. 
  • candle holders. This is perhaps my favorite. Little lumineers to hang in tree branches or put out on the balcony or even on the bookshelf. Brilliant.
  • when I was a kid, we even made a pair of stilts out of tin cans. Just poked some holes in the bottom and looped som string in for the handles. 
  • I very seriously debated making strings of tin cans for behind our car when we drove away from our wedding but ran out of time. Love this idea though! 

The project I want to share today is perhaps my favorite. It's a little lumineer, which took me less than 15 mins to make. 

you will need:

  • a clean, empty tin can. (or several)
  • a small hammer and nail
  • paint and paint brush
  • tea lite

Basically, just hammer some holes into the can wherever you would like them to be. For this one I just kind of spread them about sporadically  but I also think it would be cool to make a shape or even a letter and then add a few together to make a word!

Next paint your tin can with a couple of coats.

Then once it's dry, pop a lighted tea lite inside and enjoy!

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